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    -Crime Victims in Buildings 

    -Discrimination Victims 

    -Tenants, Co-op/Condo Owners

About Us

Committed Advocates

Bierman & Associates is well known for its strong commitment and successes in advocating for  the rights of employees, tenants, owners of cooperative and condominium apartments and for persons who suffer injuries as the result of the negligence of building owners, including crimes committed against persons living in or visiting residential buildings. Bierman & Associates has successfully secured the rights of clients wronged or injured and has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients. Of course, each case must turn on its own unique facts and merits.

Fighting For Your Rights

Bierman & Associates has taken on and won major legal battles against some of the largest employers and landowners. 

-In the employment arena, Bierman & Associates represents employees in cases from discrimination to sexual harassment to wage and hour (such as overtime, uncompensated time, and misclassification)  to WARN violations (failure of employers to give required notice of mass layoffs or store or plant closings).

-Bierman & Associates has successfully litigated major cases against building owners on behalf of  persons injured due to criminal activity in buildings resulting from the negligence of building owners, including cases involving rape and sexual assault.

-Bierman & Associates represents persons who have been denied housing due to discrimination, including discrimination in the purchase of real property, condominium units and cooperative apartments.

- Bierman & Associates represents tenant groups and associations and individual tenants in all aspects of landlord and tenant law, including denial of regulatory rights, claims of rent overcharges, tenant initiated conversions to cooperative or condominium ownership, building conditions, evictions and "buy-outs."

-Bierman & Associates represents cooperative and condominium owners in legal disputes with Boards and the enforcement of unit owner and shareholder rights.

Shaping the Law-Vigorously Arguing Your Case

Bierman & Associates is in the vanguard of legal advocacy and has secured important decisions advancing the rights of employees, tenants, cooperative and condominium owners, and persons injured due the negligence of building owners. Once we accept your case, we are committed to vigorously advocating for your rights and working with you to try to achieve the best results for your case. We work in the legal areas we work in because we are passionate about the rights we advocate for and the clients who may have been wronged by the denial of those rights.  

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